About Our Event

COVID-19 has severely restricted the ability of charities around the world to raise much needed funds to support their work.

Sadly, some of the most vulnerable people in the world are children.

The Children’s Walk For Hope is a virtual event that will be held globally on Sunday 23rd of May 2021.

Our virtual event the Children’s Walk for Hope means you, your family, friends and colleagues can walk, run, swim, cycle or take on any physical challenge of your choosing, any distance at your own leisure on the very same day in support of this great cause.

The purpose of this event? To unite individuals from across the globe to help protect, support and empower some of our world’s most vulnerable children and provide them with the childhood and future they deserve.

How does CNCF combat child trafficking?

CNCF learnt early on that transforming the lives of impoverished children wasn’t as simple as just providing access to education. We needed to do more, we needed to address the issues and challenges that keep a child out of the classroom, living on the streets, vulnerable to predators and imprisoned by poverty. Our programmes are a blueprint for the prevention and protection from child trafficking.

In order to maximise our efforts, we work with communities, local organisations and local governments to protect children from being exploited – and to help restore the dignity of children and help them to rebuild their trust with the world and the adults around them.

CNCF takes a holistic approach in tackling the root causes of trafficking:

  • By rescuing children from dangerous and vulnerable situations and providing them with a caring home, safety and life opportunities, we prevent children from being trafficked.
  • By raising awareness of trafficking and the importance of keeping children in education, we reduce the number of children being trafficked.
  • By helping to rehabilitate near victims to trafficking, we empower children and families to rebuild their lives.
  • By providing support to those who have been trafficked we help children return home and reintegrate them back into their communities.
  • By supporting livelihoods, we help families avoid the need for their children to work.

Whether you are participating in the Children’s Walk For Hope as an individual, family or team, you will be directly making a difference by helping to provide a caring home, food, quality education and healthcare to orphaned, abandoned and destitute children.

Thank you, for keeping vulnerable children protected and providing them with the childhood they deserve.

The future of our world is the future of our children, our beautiful children. For many of them, it is a matter of giving them back their future, giving them a life, giving them hope.”  Christina Noble

Image Credit: Réhahn Photography