Event updates

To those participators featured, and to all those not, thank you for helping to protect and empower vulnerable children. Each and every one of you inspired us with your chosen activities, distances and efforts.
From over 20 countries you walked, ran, cycled, danced and moved your way to making the difference to the life of a child. From us all at CNCF, and especially the children, thank you
We hope to see you at the Children’s Walk For Hope 2022!
Trinh and friends in Canada are great supporters of the Foundation and #childrenswalkforhope
A team from our Australasian sponsors PRP seen here in Tauranga in the beautiful Bay of Plenty in New Zealand
A very wet day in Ireland for #childrenswalkforhope. Thank Jean, Vinny and friends for your dedication
The girls in United Arab Emirates cycled across the desert for #childrenswalkforhope -Thanks team UAE
Ruby* and her foster mum did the Walk for Hope in the gymnasium. Love the smile!
It was a family affair in Hong Kong today!
Erica, Furio and Family lead the charge in Italy for #childrenswalkforhope. Thanks team Italy!
Walking for the #childrenswalkforhope on the Great Wall of China! – That’s cool!
If you have to stop for a breather during the CWFH in Hong Kong-you may as well stop somewhere with a view!
Our bandana’s were a huge hit with these young participants from Vietnam.
Imagine this amazing Mongolian scenery on your walk!
A fresh fall of snow didn’t stop our Mongolian friends!
Our Mongolian walkers were out in force for the Children’s Walk For Hope #childrenswalkforhope
Who said you needed to walk? Our young friends from Vietnam hit the bikes and scooters!
With new COVID restrictions in play the 450 participants in Vietnam played it smart and wore masked and only could gather in smaller groups. They still had a ball and raised lots of needed funds for @Christina Noble Children’s Foundation fight against child trafficking and child exploitation!
Our Hong Kong Children Walk For Hope Team faced 31 degree heat and 95% humidity😬
23/5/2021 – Next cab off the rank was Australia- Thanks guys!!
The first country in the world past the date line to the 23rd of May was Fiji. A huge shout out to our walkers in Fiji and to the Jeweski Family
Some of our friends from Italy out (Covid friendly) training for the Children’s Walk for Hope this Sunday 23rd May
Only thanks to the collective efforts of our supporters over the past 31 years has CNCF been able to continue delivering crucial humanitarian services, enabling communities to rise out of their generational cycle of poverty and thrive. We thank our friends and supporters from across the globe who will participate in CNCF’s virtual Children’s Walk For Hope this Sunday. A special thank you to event sponsors SHOEfabrik, Wednesday Afternoon Golf Society Hong Kong (WAGS), Dragon Capital, Preston Rowe Paterson – International Property Consultants & Valuers, Valocity, ODM group, Mindsparkz, Little Steps Asia and The Lawn Club. Your support has directly helped to protect and transform vulnerable lives.
If you haven’t signed up yet, it’s not too late! From wherever you are in the world, please join us in this important global movement. 100% of your one-off registration donation (minus transaction charge) will directly help to change the life of a child at risk of exploitation and trafficking. Register today at childrenswalkforhope.org
16/05/2021 –Mongolia, here we come!

Thank you to each and every one who has signed up to our Children’s Walk For Hope from across the globe, we are getting closer to our Sunshine children in Mongolia with 3,287 Kilometres committed so far! Only 832 km’s left to reach the finish line, help us to reach our target and 100% of your one-off registration donation (yes you heard us right, no other fundraising involved!) will help to protect a child from exploitation.
CWFH Chair, Greg Sugars and Buckley talking about Children’s Walk for Hope

05/05/2021 –WE ARE HALFWAY!
Thanks to the global unity and combined support from each and every one of our Children’s Walk For Hope sign ups so far, we have reached halfway from our children in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to our children in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia with a total of 2,265 kilometres pledged so far!
From wherever you are in the world, in whatever physical activity you choose, please help us to reach another 1,854 kilometres to the finish line. 100% of your sign-up, minus transaction charge, will help to protect and secure the futures of highly vulnerable children.
Sign up today at www.childrenswalkforhope.org
You don’t just have to walk to participate in CNCF’s Children’s Walk For Hope on Sunday 23rd May… you can run, ride, swim, trek or dance your way to making a difference to the life of a child! The list goes on and so do your options, start designing your own challenge today and sign up at childrenswalkforhope.org.

Share your photos or videos participating on the day on your social with the event hashtag #ChildrensWalkForHope or to CWFH2021@cncf.org to be featured on our global virtual event wall.
Take action with CNCF! Because every child deserves a childhood and a future of safety, hope and opportunity.
A very happy Sunshine Warrior with her new home! This is not just a new home, this is safety and the hope of a brighter future for her whole family, knowing they no longer have to spend their nights on the street living in danger.

Many others are not so fortunate. According to the United Nations, an estimated 100 million children consider the streets their home. With no access to basic needs and proper care, these children are at high risk of violence and all other forms of abuse and exploitation.

On today, International Day of Street Children, we invite you to join us virtually on Sunday 23rd May 2021 to help keep vulnerable children off the streets and protected.

Visit us at childrenswalkforhope.org to find out how! #ChildrensWalkForHope